Looking for New Bars, Live Music and Restaurants in Boston? Now it’s Easy


How many times have you and a group of friends tried to find a new spot to grab drinks or mix it up with some live music, and ended up at the same bar across the street?

The answer is probably more than you want to admit, but the reason is probably more obvious than it appears.

Despite the thousands of options Boston has to offer when it comes to entertainment, Steve Borseti, a long time sales and marketing consultant, realized he could stump most people in their 20s and early 30s when asking them to quickly find new bars, restaurants and venues.  

So he teamed up with a group that included his son Sam Borseti, then a Suffolk University undergrad, and serial entrepreneurs Jay Bolton and Brian Peluso of Blueflame Industries, to develop U Out, an app that will never again leave nightlife fun-seekers fumbling to find something new.

The app allows anyone to sift through happy hours, brunches, live music, trivia nights and restaurant specials on any date and in any location they desire, and then invite friends. People can set up private events too.

“The frustration exists because no one has ever bothered to make a simple platform where bars and restaurants could post their own ads real time,” Borseti told The Buzz. “Social media is meant to fill that void, but it’s become cluttered. We interviewed 40 to 60 restaurants and bars. When we ask them what their return on social is, they say ‘I have no idea anymore’ or ‘we do it because we’re afraid not to do it.’”

The compliment Borseti said he and the rest of the U Out team get the most, and are most proud of is, “Wait, something like that didn’t already exist?”

The company participated in MassChallenge in 2016 and has been in a soft launch mode for the last five or six months. The platform uses a volume-based revenue model, charging restaurants a $400 to $600 annual flat fee to post on U Out. And if the restaurant is not good at posting or doesn’t have the time, Borseti said the U Out team will do it for them.

The company is starting to talk to investors, but is focused on getting 25,000 consumers using the app and signing up its first 100 business or restaurants. If interested in funding or think you can help the company with customer and client acquisition, email steve.borseti@uout.co.


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