Sleepbox Advances in AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup Northeast Regional


In the Northeast Regional for the 2018 AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup,  Sleepbox beat out six other hardware startups to earn gold and a chance at the $50,000 grand prize.

Sleepbox is a technology driven micro-hotel room aiming to change the way people stay on vacation.

The private, soundproof hotel rooms, which are located in premium locations such as city centers and airport terminals, are operated through the Sleepbox app and provide users an array of comfort measures to better their stay.

“I want all parts of our travel, especially the necessary parts like hotels, to be smooth, seamless, affordable, and easy to have,” CEO and co-founder Mikhail Krymov said during his pitch on Feb. 15. “But, the hotel market is not like that.”

The company also wants people to connect with other guests of the hotel and locals to find new friends and company for an adventure.

“This is a hotel that empowers you to get out,” Krymov said.

The company has been operating these rooms in Russia and Sweden for approximately four years and will open in Washington Dulles International Airport in June, Krymov said.

Sleepbox also plans to launch in the Faneuil Hall area of Boston in the future.

In winning the Northeast Regional, they will receive $3,000 and a chance to earn the $50,000 grand prize investment at the international finals in April.

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup is a pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups.

The cup will be touring six regions in the United States, with events in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and Austin. At least five other countries will participate including Japan, South Korea, Israel and others to be announced.

To be eligible, you must be an early-stage hardware startup with at least one physical product component.

Sleepbox defeated hardware companies Leakspotter, Aam Care, Tranquilo, Raybaby, Yank Technologies and CHU to advance to the finals.



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