Meet the Six Other Semifinalists from the Hardware Cup Northeast Regional


Although they didn’t come away with a victory, these six startups wowed judges at the Northeast Regional for the 2018 AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup.

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup is a pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups. To be eligible, you must be an early-stage hardware startup with at least one physical product component.

The cup will be touring six regions in the United States, with events in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and Austin. At least five other countries will participate including Japan, South Korea, Israel and others to be announced.

Read more about the six companies that came up just short:


Tranquilo is a vibrating baby mat that simulates the mother’s womb to calmly lull the baby to sleep.

Founder and CEO Melissa Gersin saw the need for Tranquilo during her work as a maternity nurse. The lightweight mat is easily folded and transported and can be used in the crib or on the go.

Gersin appeared on Shark Tank in February 2017, accepting an offer of $200,000 for 15 percent of the company.


This MassChallenge alum has created a small, thumbsize device that detects and alerts users of leaks in their toilets. It clips to the side of the toilet and has a blinking light to signify a leak.

The device is being marketed to property owners that manage large, multi-unit apartment buildings as a fix for high cost leaks.

According to the creators, Leakspotter will pay for itself within a year.


Raybaby is a non-contact vital baby monitor that allows parents to monitor their baby’s breathing, movement, roll-overs, and sleeping for another room.

The technology works on the principle of ultrasound and alerts parents when the baby’s breathing changes.

The radiation is about 1/1000th that of wi-fi, Raybaby said.

Aam Care

Aam is a birth control pill sleeve that provides reminders and real time data to users to simplify the pill taking process.

Users insert their blister pill pack into the sleeve and the device automatically tracks pill activity and syncs wirelessly. The phone app provides real time data and persistent reminders to take the pill.

Yank Technologies

Yank Technologies created the Motherbox, a wireless charger that can charge multiple devices within a 20-inch range.

The 6 inch by 6 inch device doesn’t require physical touching to charge devices, rather using resonant inductive charging to provide power.

Yank Technologies raised more than $280,000 with an Indiegogo campaign last year and has already created a mini-version of the Motherbox.


CHU is a stylish, simple air-filter that fits in the nose and filters out indoor and outdoor air pollution.

CHU provides greater air filtration than typical over nose and mouth surgical masks, down to .03 microns.


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