Meet the Five Winner’s of Boston University’s Latest Pitch and Pizza Round


Five teams won $500 at Boston University’s Pitch and Pizza Competition for innovative ideas they are currently working on or considering turning into budding startups.

Pitch and Pizza is part of Innovate@BU’s New Venture Competition. Student and alumni teams are given 60 seconds to pitch their new idea to a panel of expert judges. The $500 is meant to help teams expand upon their ideas. Winning teams also get a chance to move onto the semi-finals of the New venture Competition, a closed-session, 20-minute pitch.

On March 16th, Pitch and Pizza will pick up again with its first ever event specifically for creative and social impact ideas. Meet the winners:

Aday Technologies
Aday Technologies is a new app that enables team members to participate in scheduling and alleviate the burden of scheduling for managers, while increasing team member satisfaction and driving down costs. The app comes with an internal staff on-demand function that allows workers to send a text message or alert and backfill a shift by skills of your team members across one or more stores. Managers can also notify team members of important events, occurrences and emergencies via the mobile application or through text messages.
Levio Travel
Levio Travel is a club for travelers who swap homes and enjoy authentic trips without the per night costs, essentially a hybrid of Airbnb and Tinder. First, users provide details about their home and pictures. Then they fill out information about the types of trips they want to go on, when they’re free and destinations on their bucket list. Levio then uses analytics in order to find club members who have similar preferences. Lastly, members reach out to people they have matched with and coordinate a swap.
Credyty is a student-loan financing platform that aims to increase access to higher education in Colombia. The platform allows students to pay tuition on a monthly basis, while enabling educators to become more affordable by minimizing risks, streamlining operations and increasing revenues. Students apply for loans through the company’s proprietary fintech platform and receive confirmation within one calendar day. The loan includes a risk-adjusted placement surcharge and is placed at 18 percent interest, which is low for the Colombian market, according to Credyty. Financial institutions provide capital to fund loans at 10.8 percent APR at no student-default risk – this risk is assumed by Credyty. To account for defaults, the company charges a risk-adjusted placement surcharge. Through the service, universities gain access to a larger student pool and streamline their operations. They can also opt-in to an additional revenue stream that yields 10.8 percent APR on their deferred cash flows for up to 1.5 percent additional revenues at no additional costs. Credyty’s revenue streams include interest spread and placement surcharge.
Follow the Honey Tanzania 
Follow the Honey is a honey and bee product with the mission of being a market link for Tanzanian beekeepers and farmers. The company sells honey and custom builds gift boxes and baskets for delivery to schools, offices, hospitals and homes. At the Pitch and Pizza event, Follow the Honey pitched a specific branch of the company that would work with bee keepers in Tanzania to help distribute their product in other parts of the world.
Help from Kelp
Help from Kelp is a sustainable snack that seeks to connect conscious consumers with a tasty product that mitigates climate change.


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