Startup Creating ‘Subscriptions to Human Beings’ Ready to Exit Stealth Mode


Before Amazon purchased the live streaming video-game platform Twitch for close to $1 billion, a Twitch co-founder affixed a webcam to his baseball hat and popularized “lifecasting,” broadcasting his life to an online audience via

Investors liked the idea at the time, but the technology wasn’t there yet, the broadcasting wasn’t all that interesting and the company eventually pivoted to what is now Twitch.

More than 10 years later, a former J.P. Morgan wealth manager who penned a futuristic screenplay introducing the world to “subscriptions to human beings,” thinks the world is finally ready to embrace deeper, more meaningful access to other people’s lives.

Marc Pollina has founded Sliiiice, a new social media platform that is going to livestream a different, intriguing personality every day for the world to see. The company is looking to raise $250,000 to exit stealth mode and launch this year.

“What we want to do is lead a cultural shift towards healthier, honest social media,” Pollina told The Buzz. “People used to go online to escape the offline world. Now, people are going offline to escape atrocities online. Sliiiice balances the two, delivering the best of the offline world to an online audience.”

The company intends to launch in Boston, profiling the daily lives of a wide range of personalities from celebrities to normal folks. Pollina said they want to deliver a unique slice of life each day, “putting personalities on display in a fully immersive way that doesn’t exist over any other platform.”

“The best way to learn about an important subject is not to take notes, but to take the important thing and put it into the middle of the room,” said Pollina. “There is a power in connecting people. People will see individuals from every direction. Everyone can watch one thing and take away something important.”

The live streaming will be free, but if people want to view past videos, they would have to pay through a membership fee. If the personality being filmed is using Sliiiice to raise money for a cause or charity, the company would also capture a portion of the money raised.

Pollina sees future revenue opportunities in augmented reality, where a viewer might see a product in the broadcast and be able to click on it and purchase. He also believes the platform has the potential to revolutionize advertising.

Let’s say Sliiice is filming a day in the life of a Boston-based personality, and the person interacts with a brand in a very unique way. The company behind the brand may want to purchase that clip and turn it into an ad.

“It could be a groundbreaking, authentic form of native advertising,” said Pollina.

The company is not only looking for a few strategic angels to round out its initial $250,000 seed round, but it is also seeking technology professionals and interns to help build the platform and assist with production. It is also interested in adding qualified mentors and advisors to its board. If interested, please email


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