Lumme Uses Machine Learning and AI to Weed Out Addiction


Many industries have begun to tap into machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology to predict consumer behavior.

But now one startup born from Ph.D research wants to use similar technology to help weed out addiction.

Lumme, the result of research from scientists at University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Yale School of Medicine, was founded in order to push the boundaries of health monitoring by predicting human behavior and offering personalized therapy to every individual.

The first suite of products enables automated detection and treatment of addictions such as smoking, alcohol and diet. Lumme’s digital platform has three different phases: detect, predict and prevent.

The company uses a smartwatch to monitor a person’s hand gestures to see when they eat, smoke, drink or exercise. It then gives contextual information associated by warning the person when they are most likely to overeat, smoke or indulge in other unhealthy behaviors.

The platform then provides clinically validated personalized interventions delivered to your phone to help when cravings arise. Both the timing and content of these interventions are tailored based on a user’s patterns.

“Lumme was founded on the belief that healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all,” CEO Akshaya Shanmugam, a Forbes 30 under 30 awardee, told The Buzz. “We are making this a reality by developing ethically designed, patient-centric, comprehensively-tested technology to solve healthcare’s leading problems.”

The company has already raised $1.8 million in government funding and last year won the Valley Venture Mentor Accelerator program, and the $10,000 in equity-free funding that comes with it.

Currently, Lumme is doing a limited release of its smoking cessation platform directly to the public for a limited time. The company is also selling this program to corporations and health insurance companies.

Lumme is looking to raise additional seed money from investors passionate about the digital platform’s mission to disrupt the healthcare system. It is also on the hunt for a core web developer and B2B sales representative. If you can help with funding or would like to apply for an open position, please email  


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