Confused About Cryptocurrency? Cheetahead Wants to Help You Understand


With the buzz around cryptocurrency rapidly growing by the day, those on the outside may feel left out, or just plain confused.

That’s where Thomas Stranberg and a team of college students from UMass Lowell decided to step in and create Cheetahead.

At Cheetahead, the founders hope to provide educational resources to allow potential investors, novice or expert, stay up to date on the latest market developments and news.

“Cheetahead is supposed to provide a reliable array of information ranging from which exchanges may be best for certain trading or what global events to be aware of affecting the value of certain Cryptocurrencies,” Stranberg told The Buzz.

The college students created Cheetahead after they were left dissatisfied by the availability and reliability of information on cryptocurrency.

“Unfortunately the resources for understanding and using them are very spread out, often unreliable, and even biased,” Stranberg said of cryptocurrency. “Becoming informed required tons of research and fact checking as many people have an interest in endorsing their own investments.”

The group finished second in the DCU Difference Maker Contest at UMass Lowell in December and is in the process of creating a website to host their educational tool.

In the next six months, the group is looking for funding or interest to determine whether or not they pursue a Cheetahead app.

“There is still demand in the market for an educational tool and many popular misconceptions which this app could correct,” Stranberg said.

If you are interested in contacting Cheetahead and its group members, they can be reached at


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