Sick of Waiting for Drinks at the Bar? No longer with Noble


We’ve all been there.

It’s Friday night and the Red Sox game just let out. The bars are raging. You walk into Clery’s, a Back Bay pub, and not surprisingly, the bar is packed with people frantically trying to order drinks. All you want to do is have a round of beers with your friends, but by the looks of it, you won’t get a drink for a good 20 minutes.

In a packed city like Boston, this scenario is all too common, which is why Varun Pathak came up with the idea for Noble.

Noble is an app that allows customers to order and pay for drinks and food at some of the best entertainment venues in Boston such as Laugh Boston, Improv Asylum, Royale Nightclub and the Wang Theater to name a few. The app also allows customers to tip as well.

“We want customers to be able to focus more on why they are going out in the first place – to enjoy their evening and not have to deal with the headache of waiting for drinks or food,” Pathak told The Buzz. “We are bringing the on demand experience of mobile ordering to the entertainment seeker.”

Noble evolved from one of Pathak’s earlier startups, Line Jump, an app that allowed people to skip waiting in lines outside of popular bars and nightclubs.

The app generated revenue, but through observance and extensive market research, Pathak began to realize the bigger problem to solve, according to bartenders, venue operators and customers, is that everyone wants drinks and food delivered more seamlessly.

Pathak discovered bartenders spend 50 percent of their workflow processing payments, a problem Noble essentially eliminates, therefore allowing bartenders to make drinks faster and make more money.

“As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be flexible and be smart about when it’s time to pivot,” said Pathak. “You’ve got to observe all sides of an industry and speak to all stakeholders.”

When Pathak pivoted, he immediately built a strong team that now includes current and former Northeastern students Drew Pomerleau and Matt Draper, and Shane DeLeamaeu, who used to work at Amazon.

The company, which officially launched in September, has already  processed tens of thousands of dollars in orders and has boasted nearly 30 five-star app reviews.

The company has already raised its first pre-seed round from strategic investors and is preparing to open up a formal seed round this year. It also has some deals with national chains and venues in the pipeline that Pathak believes will allow the company to scale quickly. If interested in funding Noble, please email  


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