This BU Startup Wants to Connect Opioid Patients with Beds and Available Care


Each year, over 20 million Americans battle substance abuse disorders and over 20,000 die from overdoses. Some contributing factors are difficulty getting treatment, excess capacity in the system and a severe information asymmetry issue.

Michael Barros, an MBA Candidate at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, wants to help solve this with his new startup recoverHub, a web app available to anyone with access to a public library, smartphone or friend with a personal computer.

Users in the app will go through an intake process that produces an individualized recovery plan. They will then be provided with availability at appropriate facilities. The goal is to enable those suffering from addiction to take control of their recovery, and help facilities increase their effectiveness and efficiency.  

The company believes that an individual’s ability to access services is dependent on more than just the number of beds in the system.

While services across the substance abuse disorder care continuum are available in Massachusetts, providers and patients repeatedly report difficulty accessing them.

According to consumer advocate focus group participants, the inability to access services leads families to either send people out of state for detoxification services or resort to seeking detoxification through Section 35 commitments in order to obtain access to these specified beds.

The company will pursue a SaaS model where in exchange for monthly fees, service providers get a steady stream of referrals. The key for recoverHub is making it a household name in the recovery community, hospitals, shelters, community support groups and also utilizing SEO optimization.

Recently, recoverHub won $500 in Boston University’s Pitch and Pizza competition. In February, the company won MIT’s Hacking Medicine Post Hack Funding competition.

RecoverHub is seeking initial funding to help get a market ready product out by the end of the semester. If interested in providing seed funding, email


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