Springfield College Student Creates Portable Blender


As a bodybuilder, Jon Katz doesn’t like to wait until he gets home to take his protein shake because the longer you wait, the more your protein synthesis goes down – optimally, you have a 15 minute window.

But no matter what he tried at the gym, whether a blender bottle or a plastic shaker bottle with the swirly, metal-mixing ball, his shakes – to his utter disgust – would come out clumpy.

Seeing that the problem was widespread in the fitness industry, he launched Ingenii Innovations and its flagship product Blendi, a battery powered portable blender bottle with metal blades on the bottom that can blend a shake or smoothie anywhere.

The blender can be charged with a mini USB cable, while also having the ability to charge any type of phone.

“I was pissed because I would have this unfavorable drinking experience,” Katz told The Buzz. “What happens if you live 30 minutes from the gym, or you want to add frozen fruit or lettuce or spinach to your shake.”

“I was like should I just do this? And then I kind of just went for it,” he added.

Over the next few years, the Springfield College undergrad worked with a variety of engineers based anywhere from New England to Britain to China, developing a number of different prototypes.

Katz is preparing to release the product in March at a price in the $39 to $50 range, and attack the industry. He plans to go to big fitness trade shows and expects that he can sell 200 per month in the beginning.

But the physical therapy turned business major thinks the product has much more applicability than just the fitness industry; he sees mothers using it to mix baby formula while on the road, or party-goers taking it to the beach to whip up margheritas.

Currently, Katz is in the Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator and has raised some small funding, but wants to raise more to help with travel to fitness shows, new products and scalability.

He is also looking for a co-founder with experience in product development and working at early-stage companies. If interested in providing funding or applying for the co-founder position, email jkatz@springfieldcollege.edu.


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