Arammu Provides CheckUps for Your Romantic and Professional Relationships


Every year, people are reminded by their doctor or friends and family to go get a physical. Even if nothing is wrong, it’s best to get one just in case.

While Americans have always taken a somewhat proactive approach to healthcare, they will rarely do the same when it comes to their love life. Let’s be real, you and your partner are not going to seek help until there are already serious cracks in your relationship.

Seeing that the approach to fixing relationships is old and out of date, Dr. James Cordova and Dr. Tatiana Gray, professors at Clark University, along with entrepreneur Matt Rubin have founded Arammu, a company that provides couples with yearly checkups on their romantic relationships.

The company has also expanded into checkups with other types of relationships such as those between an employee and their employer.

“There’s no such thing as work-life balance, it’s work-life integration,” Rubin, the company’s CEO, told The Buzz. “If you have a fight with your spouse at home and then have to go into work the next day, you’re not going to be 100 percent.”

The checkups start by administering detailed questionnaires to couples, which touch on the strengths and concerns of relationships. Then, therapists trained in Arammu’s approach, hold a 45-minute or one hour session with the couples – follow up appointments are scheduled again six months to one year later.

Rubin said the company on average is seeing a 56 percent increase in closeness, 61 percent increase in satisfaction and 60 percent increase on intimacy.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to get those in relationships that are going well to agree to an appointment, Rubin said the checkups are scheduled around life events such as when a couple gets engaged or is preparing for their first child.

The city of Aarhus, Denmark, which is known as one of the happiest places on earth, piloted Arammu’s approach and now covers one checkup per year for all of its citizens. The Aarhus government has also expressed interest in bringing Arammu’s approach to more cities.

The company recently closed a sale with Canyon Ranch out in Lenox and is speaking with startups and big tech companies that want to improve relationships in order to retain highly-coveted tech talent.

The company is pursuing a B2B revenue model by giving employees access to both personal and professional checkups via Arammu’s trained clinicians and consultants. But Rubin said he thinks Arammu can also make a big impact in the military and for veterans.

“Combat readiness is a huge metric for officers,” he said. “When shit hits the fan at home, soldiers have to bury their concerns and stress so that they can focus on the mission and come out alive. Easier said than done.”

There is an 80 percent divorce rate among veterans. Additionally, 22 veterans are committing suicide everyday, and according to Rubin, of those that commit suicide and leave a letter behind, 80 percent cite a relationship as their main struggle.

Currently, Rubin said Arammu is being piloted in four Air Force bases, but the company wants to roll out Arammu in all Air Force bases by the end of the year.

The company is in the middle of a $250,000 seed round, money it would like to use to finish its tech build out and hire marketing and sales employees. If interested in funding opportunities, please email


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