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We talked with HBS Professor, Euvin Naidoo

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The Buzz is a weekly newsletter featuring New England’s latest startups and ventures, before they're funded. Through our content, we’re providing investors, mentors, advisors, and tech enthusiasts with the information they need to stay ahead of the trends and make informed connections to accelerate startup growth and portfolio capital. We give you the information you need to start the conversation.   

We’re results driven. Our newsletters have directly contributed to mentor meetings, startup funding, and employee hiring. Our “What They Need Help With” spotlight showcases exactly what founders are looking for to accelerate growth and reach their next milestone.

What our startups and subscribers are saying

Startup Perspective

Investor Perspective

Investor Perspective

geoprotein testimonial

"The Buzz is a thorough, reliable organization that takes great pride in accuracy and efficiency. The writing is crisp, and the outreach is above what I expected. A great network as well that you can gain access to on the backend to help your venture in versatile ways. Really Great."

-Nick Oliveri, Co-Founder and COO, GeoProtein

Investor Perspective

Investor Perspective

Investor Perspective

York IE Testimonial

"As part of an early stage investing firm located in New England, The Buzz has become a great tool to help me stay informed on the ecosystem. Its focus on companies in the earliest stages separates it from other publications and helps shine a light on companies that have not received funding from large investors."

-Marshall Everson, Vice President, York IE

Startup Perspective

Investor Perspective

Startup Perspective

In Force Tech Testimonial

"After completing a seamless questionnaire, they published a detail-oriented and incredibly well-written article describing my company’s genesis, story and mission.  Immediately after the story was published, an interested and prospective investor introduction was immediately made.  Because of the interactions with the folks from The Buzz and the interest generated from the published article, my company identified what we hope to be, a new equity partner!"

- Brandon Flanagan, CEO @ In Force Technology 


The Buzz sits down with OmPractice Founder and CEO Chris Lucas and angel investor Daniel Zainulbhai to discuss how they made a deal through The Buzz. 

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